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Early intervention means early assistance. This program is designed to identify children at risk in the earliest stages, when the right help can make all the difference. If you know a child who may benefit from this program, please contact the North Dakota Department of Human Services.

Early Intervention/Infant Development Programs in ND Contact:  http://www.nd.gov/dhs/services/disabilities/earlyintervention/contact.html

Early intervention is a general term for support, resources and services that are provided to
young children who have been diagnosed with, are suspected to have or, are at risk of
developmental delays or disabilities from the ages of birth to three.

North Dakota Early Intervention Parent Information: http://www.nd.gov/dhs/services/disabilities/earlyintervention/parent-info/index.html

North Dakota Early Intervention Guidelines:  http://www.nd.gov/dhs/services/disabilities/earlyintervention/stateguidelines.html

Why is Early Intervention Important?

Research has shown that the time between birth and age 36 months is a critical developmental period in a child’s life. These months offer a window of opportunity that will not be available later. Early intervention programs minimize and in some cases prevent delays in development of infants and toddlers with disabilities. They can decrease the need for special education and related services when a child enters school, and increase independence. Children whose special needs are identified and addressed during these crucial early years have a greater chance of reaching their full potential

Part C of IDEA – Early Intervention for Babies and Toddlers

Early intervention for infants and toddlers (birth to 3) have been a part of the federal law regulating special education school services (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or IDEA) since 1986. This section of the law is known as part C of IDEA. Part C defines Early Intervention as “a statewide, comprehensive, coordinated, multidisciplinary, inter-agency system that provides early intervention services for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families.”
Find out more about Part C of IDEA:  http://nichcy.org/laws/idea/partc

Early Intervention Links:  http://www.nd.gov/dhs/services/disabilities/earlyintervention/links.html

Right Tracks Program

A free program for all North Dakota children, birth to three years of age.

Right Track Consultants can meet with you in the privacy of your own home and can provide: Developmental Screenings; Ideas on stimulating your child’s development; and Information and referrals to local, state, and national organizations.

Right Track Brochure can be found at: