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For many families being a member of a faith based community is an important source of spiritual,
emotional and social support. Trying to include your child with special needs to be an active participant
of the congregation can be a challenge. Across ND churches, synagogues, and other places of
worship are embracing individuals with special needs into their fold by providing an inclusive and
welcoming environment.

Creating an Inclusive Environment

If your faith community is just starting down the path of including individuals with disabilities this article by Angela Novak Amado and Sara Rubinow Simon explain how your congregation can embrace people of all abilities starting from preschool into adulthood.

Developing a Special Needs Ministry

Inclusion in a Faith Community Congregation: Tips and Resources for Congregational Care Committees

Exceptional Teaching Online -A course in developing special needs ministry

Perspective from Many Faiths

A Welcoming Faith Community

What does a welcoming community look like? It is probably only different because it seeks to be intentional in including those with disabilities. How do we remove barriers for those with disabilities?

Accessible Faith: A Technical Guide for Accessibility in Houses of Worship

Using Disability Manners: Welcoming individuals with special needs into Church