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There are many opportunities to use leadership skills. Many parents have taken leadership roles and are actively involved in advocating for their children and others with disabilities. They serve as representatives on panels, they have leadership roles on boards, within organizations and government agencies. They have testified before school boards, legislative bodies and at public hearings.

Be a Leader In your Community

Work on an Emergency Preparedness Plan for Individuals with Disabilities

Advise on ADA Compliance.

Help build an Accessible Playground.

Advise Faith Communities on Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities

Set up a Law Enforcement Training on Disability Awareness

Be a Leader In your Schools

North Dakota PTA

Learn about your School Board.

Know Your School Board of Education

Members of a local school board are to “manage and control” and to make decisions on almost every aspect of public school operations. Each school board — as a whole — serves as the governing body. Individual board members have no authority outside of the board room.

ND School Board Association

Addressing Local Educational Policy

As you advocate for your child, you may find it necessary to move beyond the walls of the classroom and school in order to make a difference for all children in your district.

Changes are often made when parents stand before their school board and tell their stories.

Data can also be a useful reinforcement of your story.

Find more information about the performance of schools in your district.

Find data on key education and civil rights issues in your district.

Learn more about Department of Public Instruction

Get to know your School District

Be a Leader in Your State

Meet with your Legislators.

Attend Legislative Committee Meetings and Make Testimony.

Take a group to Disability Awareness Day at the State Capitol.

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ND Parent to Parent Opportunities

Become a P2P Volunteer

Join a Parent Navigator Team

Sponsor a Training in your area- link to a request form

Join our Board of Directors– Our volunteer Board consists of parents and professionals working together to monitor the organization on behalf of all the families affected by disability in North Dakota. FVND‘s board helps establish agency bylaws, and our mission and vision, as well as review financial statements, budgets, and policy manuals. There are times when the Board openly recruits new members.  If you are interested…(link to my email)

Attend the Parent Leadership Institute

For more information about any of these opportunities, call FVND at 1-888-522-9654.

Other Opportunities

North Dakota Interagency Coordinating Council, advisory council for ND Early Intervention Programs

Apply for the ND State Council on Developmental Disabilities

ND Children’s Special Health Services

Call FVND for other opportunities and volunteer 888-522-9654

IDEA Advisory