Family Voices created Care Giver Café as a means to support families.
Over the last year, funding for trainings was sponsored through a grant from Autism speaks.

Autism Speaks Recipe of the Day for Caregivers
Guardianship Handbook
Launch Your Life Brochure
Personal Information
Special Needs Trusts



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Family Voices of North Dakota will be hosting monthly Family Nights on Autism.
Please call 888-522-9654 or email: fvnd at for more information

National Resource Links

Autism Society of America

Autism Speaks

Autism Research Institute


Autism Now

Autism Votes

ASSERT-Autism Support-Services-Education-Research and Training

Autism Link

Maternal and Child Health Knowledge Path on Autism

Net Smartz

Tool Kit for Housing and Residential Supports

Archived Webinar Series for Parents from AUCD regarding Developmental Delays

Medication Tool Kit

Autism and Medication – Safe and Careful Use

Autism After 16

Autism Family Online

School Community Tool Kit

North Dakota Resource Link

FM Autism Support

Family Voices of North Dakota

MAPS-4-ASD’s in ND

North Dakota Autism Connection

North Dakota Autism Center

North Dakota Autism Society

North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities-Autism

North Dakota TACA

Pathfinder Family Center

Red River Valley Asperger’s group

Other Resources

Department of Public Instruction Guidelines: Identifying , Serving and Educating Children and Youth with Autism-

Music Therapy

Questions on Vaccines?

College and Students with ASD

College Advice For Students With Autism

North Dakota Autism Task Force Initial State Plan

Toilet Training – A Parent’s Guide