Heather Wheeler


January 2019

Heather is the mother to 3 daughters; Krystal 16, Miranda 9 and Marguerite 7.  Heather and her husband of 11 years moved from northern Michigan to North Dakota in 2010.  Their daughter Miranda has multiple health issues including mitochondrial disease, autism, seizure disorder, legally blind status, moderate/severe cognitive impairment, hypotonia (upper extremities) and advanced bone age with precocious puberty.  Because of Miranda and the work Heather used to do, nurse for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), Heather was inspired to advocate for children about 6 years ago with the organization CAUSE (Citizens Alliance to Uphold Special Education);  Heather also served on the PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) board in her county.

Heather has served on a number of projects over the years including Hilton Special Quest for Early Head Start (2004-2006) with Northeastern Michigan Community Service Agency, AAP and QUINN Bright Futures project as Lead for her office, URLEND in 2011-2012 (Utah Regional Leadership in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program).

Currently Heather is employed with Dr. Lois Freisleben-Cook at Comprehensive Pediatric Care.  Heather carries many hats for Dr. Cook including Parent Consultant and Advocate, Medical Home implementation lead, Grant writer (detective) and as Dr. Cook would say “The Boss”.  Heather is also the President of the McVay Elementary PTO.