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Welcome to Family Voices of North Dakota!  Caring for children with special needs and disabilities can be at times overwhelming, exhausting and complex. Often families and caregivers struggle to find the resources and services their child and family may need.  Family Voices of North Dakota is there to help families because we are too are parents who have children/youth and young adults with chronic health, physical, developmental and mental health challenges. 

Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF) and Impact Foundation have selected Family Voices of North Dakota to participate in the 2018 Giving Hearts Day, a 24 hour online fundraising event that will be held on Thursday, February 8, 2018.

 Contributions of $10 or more will be matched up to $4000.

With your help Family Voices of North Dakota can raise a tremendous amount of funding to support our mission.  This funding will allow us to continue to assist families of children with disabilities and chronic health conditions across North Dakota.  All donations made on Giving Hearts Day make us eligible for incentives and awards made possible by Dakota Medical Foundation and other generous supporters.”

Family Voices of North Dakota has provided assistance to families since 1996. One of our staple trainings is the Parent Leadership Institute that we have provided to families over the last 12 years.   Thanks to your support, a Parent Leadership Institute, or PLI is available to families of children with disabilities or special health needs. PLI is an opportunity for families of children with special health care needs to network and learn specific skills to advocate effectively for their children, make informed decisions about health care services and supports, and ultimately be better partners in decision-making. With continued growth in numbers of children diagnosed with a disability or special health need, there is always an urgent and unmet call for PLI’s unique education offered to families.

With your help now we will be able to offset the increasing cost and continue to provide a weekend for parents and professionals from all regions of the state to come together for learning, inspiration and empowerment.


To make a secure online contribution to support Family Voices of North Dakota and have your donation matched, simply go to on February 8 and search for Family Voices of North Dakota. On Giving Hearts Day, you can Give Back with Impact!


Family Voices of North Dakota (FVND) is a statewide health information and education center for families who have children with a special health need or disability from birth to age 26 and for the professionals that serve them. A special health care need is a broad definition and includes: disability, chronic illness and physical or mental health condition. We are a free service to families which operates on grants, fundraising and private donations. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

When families are faced with a prenatal, at birth or later diagnosis, FVND assures that families receive informational and emotional support in caring for their child with a chronic illness or disability. Nearly 20,000 children in our state have some kind of health care need and over 40 percent of these children have a health condition that limits their play and school activities. That means 1 in 5 families within our area have children living with physical, mental or emotional disabilities; others live with a chronic illness and many present a brief, but life-threatening medical problem.

Family Voices of North Dakota is available in all (8) regions across the state and the communities we serve help families become better parents, advocates, professionals and educators. When we all work together we can make an impact in the lives of families and their children. Parents become leaders, communities become inclusive and our children are embraced.

Family Voices of ND is the Family Voices State Affiliate Organization.

Family Voices aims to achieve family-centered care for all children and youth with special health care needs and/or disabilities. Through this national network, Family Voices provides families tools to make informed decisions, advocates for improved public and private policies, builds partnerships among professionals and families, and serves as a trusted resource on health care.

FVND is home to ND Parent to Parent and the Family to Family Health Information and Education Center (F2FHIEC)

The FVND F2FHIEC and ND Parent to Parent:

  • Assist families as they navigate public and private systems, including health systems and insurance plans, public and private services for their children and youth having special challenges.
  • Provide assistance to families in accessing services and resources for their children and how to partner with providers and caregivers
  • Listen to families as they describe their encounters with systems and help guide them to possible solutions.
  • To work with families, health care providers, public and private agencies, and advocacy or support groups to promote family-centered care and medical homes for children with special health care needs.
  • To promote discussion and linkages among families, providers, and government to better serve the health care and related needs of children and families in North Dakota.
  • Developing, producing and disseminating educational and resource materials.
  • Technical assistance and workshops on health care financing and best practices for children with special health care needs, as well as ND Parent to Parent support trainings.
  • We provide support to families to have a voice in the design, development, implementation, and monitoring of health policies and programs for children and families.
  • Provide 1:1 emotional support and assistance; matching families to veteran parents.
  • We document family needs and family stories as a basis for policy planning and service implementation.

Family Voices of ND Health Information and Education Center is funded by a grant from the US Department of Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Bureau (Project #1 H84MC07992-01-00) and the North Dakota Department of Health (Title V, Children’s Special Services) and Parent to Parent Project by ND State Council on Developmental Disabilities

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Family Voices of North Dakota was awarded a grant from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau to increase our services to the families in North Dakota by establishing a Family-to-Family Health Information Center (F2FHIEC).
F2F HICs  “Family To Family Health and Education Center”  were established in all States and the District of Columbia by the Family Opportunity Act / Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 extended the F2F HIC Program through fiscal year 2014.


Family Voices of North Dakota was started in 1996 and became a State Chapter formally sanctioned by the national organization in the first quarter of 2001.