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ND Parent to Parent, a project of  Family Voices of ND  is a statewide network of parents supporting families of children with developmental delays, disabilities, and special health needs.

As trained supporting parents, they offer emotional support and information, and act as a valuable resource to families. They offer assistance in learning the necessary skills to help parents face the challenges of raising their child.

They are not counselors or therapists. They are parents who have experienced the feelings and emotions that come after learning that our children have a developmental delay, disability, or other special health needs. They offer moral support and encourage parents to feel comfortable and optimistic about the future.

Parent to Parent is dedicated to supporting families at their most challenging times and to celebrating each new victory. Parents helping parents…it’s a simple concept that works.

What ND Parent to Parent Offers:

  • One-to-one matches of families who have similar needs and experiences.
  • Emotional support for parents when they learn their child has a developmental delay, disability, or other special health needs.
  • Current information on a variety of disabilities and health issues.
  • Training for parents who would like to become a supporting parent.
  • Information on local, state and national resources for the child and family.
  • List of informative books on issues related to children with special needs.

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