Publications 2

What Do North Dakota Families Say About Health Care
Spring/Summer 2010 Newsletter
Department of Human Services Document on Guardianships
Fall 09 Newsletter
Fall/Winter 2010 FVND Newsletter
FVND Flier for your office
FVND Health Information and Education Center has several workshops available for families and professionals. Download our workshop brochure and give us a call.
FVND Parent Transition Worksheet
Growing Up-Healthcare Transition for Youth.274120022
Health Records
HRTW/checklist for youth on health and wellness
Make a referral to Family Voices of North Dakota by downloading our referral form and faxing it to us
New Beginnings Resource Guide to identify agencies and resources in ND
Paying the Medical Bills
Prescription Drug Coverage
Prescription Tips
Private Insurance
Quality HealthyCare
Recordkeeping Tips
Recordkeeping/Care Notebook for use in keeping track of your child’s information
Release of Records
Self Insured Plans
Speaking Up For Yourself, Self Advocacy Tips for Youth
Summer/Fall 2011 Newsletter
Transition Guide from Region V Community of Practice
Transition Notebook for Youth to keep track of appointments and resources
What do Families Say About Health Care in ND/comparison data 2006 and 2009
What Do North Dakota Families Say About Health Care
Winter 2012 Newsletter
Back to School Checkups
FVND 2010 Data Summary
Going Back to School/Tips on Care Plans when your child’s condition has changed
In Search of An Answer-Listening and Responding: North Dakota Survey of Agencies Serving Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs
Listening and Responding-one page summary of the above report
Individual Health Care Plan/Meeting Your Child’s Needs at School
Meeting Your Child’s Health Care in School
Parent to Parent Training Manual
School Health Care Plan
What is a 504
 ACA blog
ACA Resources
ACA: How Can Families Enroll if They Can’t Access the Marketplace?
F2F ACA Marketplace Responses by State Effective September, 2013
Alphabet Soup – a glossary of health care terms
ABC’s of Health Care – health care acronyms
Family-Centered Care Assessment Tool
ND Post Adoption Network
ND Post Adoption Network – Services