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Sports, recreation and leisure activities are part of childhood. But children with disabilities tend to be more restricted in their participation compared to their peers, and the gap increases as they grow older. Taking part in an activity helps in both physical and emotional growth of a child.

Sports Participation

There are many more opportunities today for children with special needs to become involved in sports. Some children with disabilities may be able to play on a regular team while others may enjoy a team with friendly competition or just the chance to participate.

National Sports Center for the Disabled

ND Special Olympics


Sending your child with special needs to a camp for the first time can be a bit scary but it can be beneficial to both you and your child. As a parent you will learn to let go. A camp will help your child build several skills including: gain independence, make new friends, try new things, and build confidence.

To find out about Camps available in your area call FVND at 888-522-9654 and a coordinator will be able to send you a list of camps

Through Recreation

Recreation is a natural place to include everyone and great place to make friends. You do not have to specifically seek out a “special needs” based activity. You could swim with your child in the community pool, you could go to the local library or check out inclusive programs at your neighborhood YMCA.

Social Inclusion through Recreation


Making Recreational Areas Accessible

Accessible State and National Parks

Recreational Opportunities

One way to find out about recreational opportunities in your area is to check out your county’s Park, Recreation and Cultural affairs department. They offer programs ranging from pottery making to tennis classes to some programs specifically for individuals with special needs.

ND Special Olympics