We have 2 pages of resources and publications which we have developed.  You are free to download any of these fact sheets.  If you don’t see what you need on this page please connect to Publications page 2


Accessing and Understanding Health Services Guide in ND Health Insurance Laws
Alternative Therapies HIPAA
Best Practices for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Holiday Stress
Building Partnerships with Physicians Hospital Discharge Questions to Ask
Caring for the Caregiver How to Advocate in Health System
Caring for Your Child in a Spica Cast How to Fund Hearing Aides and Assistive Listening Devices
Children and Social Security Income Guide Medicaid Fact Sheet
Children with Disabilities Coverage Fact Sheet from the Department of Human Services Medical Home
Children with Disabilities or Medicaid Buy-In Coverage Medical Home for Community Partners
Children with Special Needs Health Care Checklist Medical Home for Physicians
Choosing A Camp Medical Home Poster
Choosing a Primary Provider Medical Home Resources
COBRA Medically Fragile Waiver Brochure
COBRA 2 Medication Errors
Dental Issues Menstrual Management
Dependent Coverage NDCPD Self Directed Support Manual
Depression and Anxiety for Children and Youth Nutrition
Disability and Air Travel Obesity
Disaster Planning Oral Health
Disaster Preparedness Parent Participation
Disaster Preparedness Playground Care
Disasters and Emergencies Preparing Child for Health Visit
Early Intervention Family Stories (Jan 08) Prescription Assistance Programs
Effective Medical Appointments So You Want to Do An Interview
Effective Provider Relations Strategies for Appealing Health Plan Decision
Emergency Care Brochure Understanding Puberty
Emergency Information Form What is Medicaid’s EPSDT Program
Emergency Medical Treatment Act Working with Care Givers
ERISA Workplace Benefits
Family Centered Care  You are an Advocate
Family Medical Leave Act  
Family Stories booklet (Fall 06)  
Family Voices Health Care Reform Platform  
Fatherhood Tip Sheet  
Genetic Counseling  
Guide to EPSDT/Health Tracks  
 Health Care Coverage Options  

Health Care Reform have you confused?????  Check out these publications!

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